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Rob's visit to Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona - 80F weather in February .. Perfect!

Typical Observing - working at -20C or less
Extreme Astronomy!

The original pictures featured on this site were taken with  a DSLR camera and a variety of equipment as I try to develop my skills.


Celestron C1400 on CGE mount
Skywatcher ED80 on AVX Mount
Meade LX3 - 8" Schmidt Cassegrain
Home made equatorial mount

Canon T2i  + T3i Modified
Canon Digital Rebel Camera D300
ZWO ASI178MM Monochrome
QHY5 - Autoguider
Orion Starshoot DSC1

EF50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.8

Orion Skyglow
Astronomik CLS - EOS Clip
Daystar Quark - Chomosphere
Orion and Baader Solar filters

Most of the older photos were actually manually guided but
I have recently added autoguiding using PHD and a QHY monochrome camera. Thanks to a finderscope donation from Don Gulka at the 2010 SSSP. I built a 50mm finder-based autoguider that seems to be working very well.

Custom designed roll-off roof observatory 8' x 12' located under moderately light polluted skies

eeemale: hello(at)concretecellar(dot)ca
encoded to fight robots!

Opening the observatory for a night of

current night sky over Edmonton
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